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Black Dragons

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Black Dragons

Published 1942
Topics Thriller, Sci-Fi

It is prior to the commencement of World War II, and Japan's fiendish Black Dragon Society is hatching an evil plot with the Nazis. They instruct a brilliant scientist, Dr. Melcher, to travel to Japan on a secret mission. There he operates on six Japanese conspirators, transforming them to resemble six American leaders. The actual leaders are murdered and replaced with their likeness and Dr. Melcher is condemned to a lifetime of imprisonment so the secret may die with him.

Run time 01:01:44
Audio/Visual Mono, Black and White
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Reviewer: Troy Morash - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 20, 2009
Subject: A must for Lugosi fans
I downloaded the 512Kb MPEG4 version and had no problems with it.

Great film, for those who like the horror/film noir genre of low budget films churned out in the 30's and 40's. The black and white, low lighting ambiance, foggy plot etc. Lugosi is his usual cheerful/sinister self, which is great. Actually this is a film where Lugosi is cast perfectly without too much of the Dracula stigma attached. We are not sure if he is good or bad or both! It is in these roles that he excels. The ending certainly has a twist. Perhaps this is where Ed Wood got the premise for Jailbait?
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - August 10, 2008
Subject: Hi-Oh Silver..................Awaits....
Lousy Film On Every Level.Print, Writing?,Acting.......16 Minutes Into Flick......Clayton (The Lone Ranger)Moore Shows Up..........And He's Awful Too!..Acting So Stiff, You Wanna Put A Condom On It!........His "Career" Lasted From 1937 Thru 1959s Appearance On TVs Lassie....Episode: "The Peace Patrol" Which Is Available On The Lassie 50th Anniversary Box Set.........For All You Fans Of The Lone Ranger Series.........169 Episodes.1949-57.
Reviewer: Greg K - favorite - December 15, 2006
Subject: No sound on this file
>>I've just tried the mpeg1 download and it is fine. No sound problems.<<

Yes, but the MPG1 version is decidedly inferior video and audio quality because of the smaller size and lower sampling. What I've been enjoying here are the DVD-quality MPEG-2 videos....and that's what needs to be replaced here.

Downloaded the MPEG-2 version from the FTP server link, and there was NO sound (as others have stated). Every media player and DVD program I used told me there was a needed MPEG-2 decoder....which is nonsense because other similar files from this site worked fine. BLACK DRAGONS needs to be replaced....It doesn't work.
Reviewer: terracesider - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 14, 2006
Subject: Who needs narrative?
I've just tried the mpeg1 download and it is fine. No sound problems.

The latest reviews reminded me to watch it again. It did not make much more sense the second time around but it was just as enjoyable. The script is nonsense but what wonderful nonsense. Forget narrative, just enjoy Lugosi.
Reviewer: jimelena - favoritefavorite - December 13, 2006
Subject: Really?
It is hard to download.
And not worth it after you do.
Reviewer: Dr. Vornoff - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 6, 2006
Subject: No Sense, No Sound
This is one of the best Monogram/Lugosi films, primarliy because it makes no sense. It is a wonderful mix of the fantastic and the banal. Unfortunately, after downloading the film, there is NO sound.
Reviewer: poppy_roush - favoritefavorite - July 27, 2006
Subject: not very good
the audio is poor, voices softer than the background. It was a confusing movie, until the last few minutes where it explained everything. I liked the ending, but the rest was not very good.
Reviewer: nephildevil - favoritefavoritefavorite - November 17, 2005
Subject: Quite hilarious!
And this Bela Lugosi movie is quite hilarious! It features, Nazis, Japs, plastic surgery, conspiracies and Bela Lugosi trying not to be the classic dracula (and failing in that effort, lol).
Reviewer: karlom - favoritefavorite - August 22, 2005
Subject: Really more Dracula...
This film seems to be modeled after its star Bela Lugosi, who became famous doing Dracula movies. This applies of course to the character he is impersonating as well as to much of the plot. You have women running into dark cellars in the middle of the night etc.
It seems as if the hybrid type of the story ÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ horror and secret agent film ÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ makes it fail in both. This is neither a good horror movie (as Bela is not really a monster) nor a good one about spies (as Bela is too much like a monster.)
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